Stories I follow:

A talented  writer of online serial Novels filled with magic and adventure... And, according to him, really sexy women. Also go to his NANOWRIMO page at    - I recommend a short story called "Atlantis", here:

It's a Victorian-flavored (although the sexual mores are a bit more ancient Greek) fantasy about a very naive sixteen year old Prince Temmin arriving at the royal capital to begin his formal training as the Heir at the hands of the mysterious, immortal Teacher and his magic history book.

Chatoyant College
is a fantasy online serial novel (or webnovel) about college life, updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Come take a look!

Life, love, death and in some cases what happens afterwards. A great ghost story. See my review here:

Fantasy author Kyt Dotson's slice-of-life mirror-blog to Over the Hills Authorspace, designed instead to be the shimmering surface underneath the veneer and sparkle of the high-life, where the pixies and goblins are equal partners in mischief.

SciFi thriller at its very best.

Fiction, Art, and Others

These are a few of my favorite kinks:
Great art by Pascal Blanche 
 A great site to follow SCIFI - Hosted by my buddy Tinkoo!
Outstanding Political Blog Site run by a good friend. Alas, he is misbegotten and I believe a little lost, so go set him straight!
My favorite horror novelist - he also hosts a free serialized novel
If you can add his Myspace page to your friends it will help get his great story "TERMINAL" made -
Just click below:
An interesting site for writers. Please review this novel there as well.
Violence, revenge, and other family values:
a story about life at the bottom of the pack. A great serialized novel.