February 11th, 2009



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Chapter 10
is now edited.



The postings of chapters 29 and 30 will bring the first part of this story to a close, with parts 2 and 3 to follow.

I will be using the services of a wonderful editor, Annetta Ribken. Her services are available at http://wordwebbing.com/ , and she can be followed on Twitter as @Netta50

In order to implement her recommended changes, I will be re-writing and editing all of the chapters posted so far. The story will NOT change. I just have to fix the usual grammar and tense mistakes. As the chapters are edited and re-written, they will be re-posted with the letter E at the end, as in Chapter 1 E

I will try to continue to post new chapters in the meantime, but I will probably only post one a week for 3 or 4 weeks.

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TLOTV has been selected as one of 9 finalists for Textnovel's 2008 prize.

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Chapter 30 is now up

A free serial SciFi novel of the apocalypse

The Lifting of the Veil

about The Lifting of the Veil

As most of the world is destroyed and nothing remains to fight for, Thomas Hayward leads a group of survivors against the forces that now populate Earth. Desperately, against a toxic land and a soulless enemy, he tries to lead them toward the one location that may hold answers – the final resting place of the Roswell ’47 crash saucer and its crew.

Michael Livingston has to cross thousands of miles of land and water to find his brother Robert, but, unaware that his brother may hold the final key to the survival of the human race, his journey ends before it starts. His capture begins his true journey into despair and fear... and flickering hope.

Neither knows the depth of the evil that has been visited upon them – nor the futility of their quests.

This serial novel is updated 3 times a week.

about The Author

Chris Tejeda lives in Acton, Massachusetts.

He is a father of four and a partner at a reverse logistics firm.

This is his first novel.

about The Art

The art in chapters 1-17 of this website is from Pascal Blanche. Only the banner art is property of the owner of this site, on commission from Pascal. He is open to commissions. You can see his art and contact him at the following site:


The art in chapters 18+ of this website are from a very talented photographer/artist, Mr. Akos Kozari from Hungary. In searching for art that conveys the spirit of this story, I found that Akos' art most closely represented it. All his images on this site belong to him, and are used here under his permission.

Thank you, Akos.

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